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Peter's Collection

Over 70,000 pieces of artwork created and produced by Peter have been sold. Collectors in North America purchased many items, however Japan has been a frequent buyer of Peter’s work. Items have gone to Hawaii, North West Territories, and England. The Department of External Affairs in Ottawa has selected Peter's artwork for their permanent collection as well as numerous private collectors, who have his art in their homes.

KVOS TV, CBC TV, Roger’s Cable and Shaw Cable have all filmed Peter’s Fine Art with interviews and documentaries. Roger Boulet, co author of the “Group of Seven” book gave Peter an exhibition next to the Group of Seven in the late 70’s in Vancouver, at the Keanlyside Gallery.

In 1999, the Delta Art Council nominated Peter for the Bronfman Award in Canada. This award is the highest achievement award in his medium in the arts in Canada. Being nominated is a huge success in itself.

The Value of Peter's Collection

All the art cards and prints offered here are on 100% acid free paper with neutral pH balance. These art cards and limited editions were designed for conservation framing; using acid free mats, acid freetapes and acid free back paper, which we offer.

This is ideal for the collector who wants to maintain a museum quality collection, at our affordable prices. Each limited edition has a publishers seal and guarantee that no more than the number of prints issued will ever be released.

Our canvas transfers are on the highest quality of canvas with a true representation of the original image, at a very affordable price.

Peter's Shows

Peter has been in the Fine Arts since high school. He persued a formal art education at Kootenay School of Art, and also Notre Dame University in Nelson B.C., Canada. He obtained four various diplomas, certificates and a degree in the visual arts and taught art for 10 years during which time he established a studio and career in the Fine Arts

Since 1981 Peter has dedicated his time to developing art lines and promoting these lines in the giftware industry. He has had numerous shows of his work, traveling to Los Angeles, Toronto, Winnipeg, New York, Calgary and also here in his hometown of Vancouver.


A purchase of one or more of Peter's artwork represents a wise investment in the art community, since Peter has truly established his name both with collectible stature and quality of product. A collector can truly enjoy the selection they have purchased and know that the artist has given them the highest quality and reputation in the art world.

We hope that you enjoy Peter's online gallery, as much as we enjoy displaying it for you, and if you have questions or comments, please feel free to contact him. Thanks for visiting.